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Jr. Livestock

Up coming dates for Bi-County Fair 2018

Updated Jr Livestock Rules

Booster are not allowed to bring their own animals – they need to barrow from older youth showing at the fair.
Entry Fees – All Junior Livestock will be charged an entry fee of $20.00 per head.  This includes the RFID ear tag fee.  If tag is lost a replacement tag must be purchase for $5.
A minimum weight of 1,000 lbs., on steers, 200 lbs., on swine, 100 lbs., on lambs and 40 lbs. on goats will be required for exhibition.  There are no maximum weights on market animals, but a pay weight of 1300 lbs. maximum on steers, 260 lbs. on swine, and lambs and goats will sale as a unit.  These rules are in effect for those animals sold through the Junior Livestock Sale.
Animals that don’t make weight will not be allowed to stay on the grounds and must be taken home right away.  Please don’t ask they will not be allowed to stay.

Tag in for Bi-County and NM State Fair

There are changes for the tag in process this year.  All animals that are going to be shown - this includes breeding animals and dairy goats must come to tag in to be tagged.  Dairy goat and pygmy goats that aren't tagged in the ears must have their collar with them and it will be tagged.

We are also changing the time of tag in to 8 am to 10 am if you are inline at 10 am you are good.

Steer and Heifer tag in will be Saturday, April 7th at 8 am to 10 am at the fair grounds.
Pig, lamb and goat tag in will be Saturday, June 2nd at 8 am to 10 am at the fair grounds.

If you can't make those dates you must contact extension office at least 2 weeks in advance and we'll work something out with you. No tagging will be done after the tag in date and if you miss tag in you will not be allowed to show.

If you are tagging animals only for the state fair please being $5 tagging fee per head.  This is only for those animals only going to the state fair.

Remember you must contact your extension office 2 weeks before the tag in date if you can't make it.  McKinley 505-863-3432 or Cibola 505-287-9266.

Here's the link to the NM Livestock Guideline for this show year.

Bi-County Fair,
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